Eye Shadow For Amber Eyes.

It is the rare human that can say they have amber colored eyes. Such eye colors occur often in other species, such as dogs and cats for example, but not so often in people. Amber eyes are quite lovely and beautiful, and many people say amber eyes are the eyes of a softer and gentler breed of wolf. Such eye color has gold in it, and shades of yellow. There are those amber eyes that also possess overtones also in shades of yellows and coppers. As beautiful as amber eyes are, they can be a challenge to compliment with makeup. Amber eyes are quite vivid in color already, and so conventional wisdom would say that going opposite as much as possible to the natural eye color, most likely would give the user the very best results. It will boil down to what compliments the eyes. It is about finding what colors will really bring the eyes out, and make people take notice.

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If the eyes being made up are of a serious amber color, with the golden yellow solid coloring, purples and plum colors are almost surely going to look fantastic on you. When looking at a color wheel, you would see that plums and purples are at the opposite side. Purples and plums seem to be made especially for amber eye accentuation. Very bright shades of egg plant purple, or burgundy purple, very much highlight amber eyes, as do shades of violet purple also. One could try off pink lips stick with peach on it as a complimentary lip color to go with the purple eye shadows. Pink shaded purple eye shadow seems to work quite well during the sunny day light hours of the day.

If you are a person who has dark brunette hair, along with amber colored eyes, blue and green eye shadows are well worth trying. Blue eye shadow, when used at the corners of the eyes, have been said to do wonders, especially when used with a deep black mascara. Contrasting the natural with the cosmetic is the goal here. Green shades, blue shades, purples and plums are the normal eye shadows that give the amber eyed subject the best look, and personal satisfaction.

Lastly there is always the occasional night out into the darkness. Pale purple eye shadows at the eye lids, complimented by a brown mascara that matches the hair, is a great combination to attempt. There are even those amber eyes subjects that fair well using charcoal, beige, and sometimes even a light brown.

Experimentation can be fun, and well, is needed sometimes. Eye colors can be classified for the most part, but just as with hair color, can vary ever so slightly, and tweaking of standard blends of colors, may be needed.





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