Eye Shadow For Blue Eyes.

Another of the light shade of eyes that turn heads, are the blue eyes. People with blue eyes are always noticed for their eye color, and it’s always in a positive way. People with blue eyes are already noticed due to the uniqueness of their eye colors, however blue eyed people also wish to take advantage of cosmetics, and blue eyed people also need to pay attention to clothing color choices just as the green eyed people do. ┬áMaking the correct makeup decisions as well as wearing the correct colors of clothing, can really make blue eyes sparkle. As is the case with green eyes, the idea is to shade the blue eyes using colors that are the opposite of the eyes themselves. The opposite color for blue on the color wheel is orange. With orange being the shade, copper colored eye shadow becomes a major player in eye makeup. Copper and bronze, are both metallic colors that exude the color orange.

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If you are a makeup lover that enjoys taking a risk, you can actually experiment with orange colored makeup that has a metallic edge to it, or is has a shimmer to it. Dark orange that shimmers is actually quite interesting, and many people have made it work. With orange being close to red in color, it stands to reason that purple is a great eye shadow color for people with blue eyes. Every shade of purple is considered to be just fine for a blue eyed person to wear, but as always, some testing of your own will find the look that you are craving. Terra Cotta colored eye shadow has also been used with great success by blue eyed people, and if ever the blue eyed one desired a smoky, mysterious look, neutral colors of brown tone, are the colors to test.

If you are a person whose blue eyes become washed out easily, blending in some gray, or some pink, or some gold, might just add the color needed to bring your eyes back out. Adding a bit of pink will also add looks of friendliness to your eyes, and make people instantly feel good around you.

There is a trick or two for people with blue eyes, that can be used when a blue eyed person really wants to draw attention to their eyes. The use of concealer for the eyes and face, can draw big time attention directly to your eyes. The elimination of details surrounding the eyes, results in the eyes just popping out in blue glory. The other trick is to use a base coat on the face. This offers the user a more even tone, and thus draws attention to the more detailed eyes.

Always be willing to try new things, and new looks. That is how trends happen, right?






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