Eye Shadow For Green Eyes.

As beautiful as green eyes are, they do present the owner with a few challenges. First of all, people with green eyes almost always exhibit undertones. These challenges can be made even more interesting if the owner of the green eyes is a red head. Yet as always there is nothing to fear. We embrace all of these difference and always thank nature for making sure that we are not all the same. That of course would be much too boring. Another thing about green eyes is they have a tendency to come out in different ways based on what clothing is being worn, and what type of accessories the owner may be using with their hair. We will take some time to touch on all of these fine points during this post, and offer the best information we have on how to choose eye shadow for your lovely green eyes, as well as what clothing goes best with what cosmetics.

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First it has been suggested that eye shadows in the shades of silver, gray, purple, and taupe, are the very best shades to exploit for a person with green eyes. Also noted is that black eye liners should basically be avoided. Black as an eye liner with lightly colored eyes, creates a look that is quite hard, and leaves the eyes looking bland.

When speaking of taupe, the gray undertones of this shade seem to be quite good for a person with green eyes, and offer more flattery to the eyes than a more simple, plain brown eye shadow ever could. Regarding shades of purple, this is where green eyed people are so lucky. Basically every shade of purple can be made to work with green eyes. As part of the color purple, there is the color red. Upon the color wheel it shows that red is the compliment to green, and so any color that has red in it, is going to work well, and make green eyes come out. The more gentle and softer green shades of eye shadow can also work well for green eyed people that display silver and gray undertones.

So lets touch on clothing and accessories for a moment. There are certain colors of head bands, scarfs, and tops that automatically bring out those beautiful green eyes. Purple colored items, light greens,bright greens, and light browns all help to bring out the look of green eyes. The same is said for hair clips, feathers, scarves and hair bows. Purple is an opposite of green on the color wheel, and is considered the very best color to show off those green eyes. The rule is to remain color coordinated at all times to have your green eyes come out, however as is always the case, experimentation is how we all locate exceptions to the rules. Have some fun, and let your green eyes glow.




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