Eye Shadow For Hazel Eyes.

The thing about hazel eyes is, they are much, much more than just a simple, subtle brown. Hazel eyes can be complicated, and sometimes the eye shadow answers can get complicated as well. What complicates hazel eyes so much is the various shades of hazel eyes that exist, and the various tones of the eye color flecks. When a person that possesses hazel eyes decides to chose makeup for the eyes, it ends up being dependent on what tone or fleck color that the person wishes to bring out. It may not be as simple as just the over all eye color. We can do our best to generalize based on hard and true makeup facts and experience, however a palette of colors and options is best to have on hand so as to enable you to experiment a bit. That way you can get the different looks you desire based on different moods you may experience.

So for most people with hazel eyes, a subtle brown or a soft green, when used with a golden colored liner, offers a nice look during the daylight times of day. It give much appreciated accentuation with out being so over done. This is a great look for the office. If you would want to have a deeper look, it is common to try a brown colored eye liner with golden flecks.

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During those moments when you wish to have a radiant appearance, bronze eye shadow, with a gold eye liner, or bronze eye liner will brighten up your eyes, and can also give the user a look of elegance. Then there is the night out of course. Hazel eyes at night often benefit from the deeper shades of purple, as such shade create a smoky look that leaves them guessing about you. Many people forget that cosmetics create mystery. I know many people that just love leaving others wondering what they might be about.

If you are a person that loves cosmetics, and loves the challenge of finding that look, having hazels eyes is a blessing to you. Unlike other people, you have so many variations of colors available to you, and you have the power to pull off so many looks, those who can not can only experience the envy. It is believed that the only shades a hazel eyed person can not work well with are the blue grey shades. And yet even those shades might be usable if offset by a liner or a mascara that makes the look happen.

If you wish to have a simple day, just go with the flesh tone shadows to make things easy. If you wish to be daring and creative, nearly the whole palette can be toyed with. Lastly i did notice aan idea regarding the use of caramel eye shadow. It seems to be that caramel works quite well if you have hazel eyes with green flecks.




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