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Eye Shadow For Amber Eyes.

It is the rare human that can say they have amber colored eyes. Such eye colors occur often in other species, such as dogs and cats for example, but not so often in people. Amber eyes are quite lovely and beautiful, and many people say amber eyes are the eyes of a softer and gentler breed of wolf. Such eye color has gold in it, and shades of yellow. There are those amber eyes that also possess overtones also in shades of yellows and coppers. As beautiful as amber eyes are, they can be a challenge to compliment with makeup. Amber eyes are quite vivid in color already, and so conventional wisdom would say that going opposite as much as possible to the natural eye color, most likely would give the user the very best results. It will boil down to what compliments the eyes. It is about finding what colors will really bring the eyes out, and make people take notice.

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If the eyes being made up are of a serious amber color, with the golden yellow solid coloring, purples and plum colors are almost surely going to look fantastic on you. When looking at a color wheel, you would see that plums and purples are at the opposite side. Purples and plums seem to be made especially for amber eye accentuation. Very bright shades of egg plant purple, or burgundy purple, very much highlight amber eyes, as do shades of violet purple also. One could try off pink lips stick with peach on it as a complimentary lip color to go with the purple eye shadows. Pink shaded purple eye shadow seems to work quite well during the sunny day light hours of the day.

If you are a person who has dark brunette hair, along with amber colored eyes, blue and green eye shadows are well worth trying. Blue eye shadow, when used at the corners of the eyes, have been said to do wonders, especially when used with a deep black mascara. Contrasting the natural with the cosmetic is the goal here. Green shades, blue shades, purples and plums are the normal eye shadows that give the amber eyed subject the best look, and personal satisfaction.

Lastly there is always the occasional night out into the darkness. Pale purple eye shadows at the eye lids, complimented by a brown mascara that matches the hair, is a great combination to attempt. There are even those amber eyes subjects that fair well using charcoal, beige, and sometimes even a light brown.

Experimentation can be fun, and well, is needed sometimes. Eye colors can be classified for the most part, but just as with hair color, can vary ever so slightly, and tweaking of standard blends of colors, may be needed.





Eye Shadow For Hazel Eyes.

The thing about hazel eyes is, they are much, much more than just a simple, subtle brown. Hazel eyes can be complicated, and sometimes the eye shadow answers can get complicated as well. What complicates hazel eyes so much is the various shades of hazel eyes that exist, and the various tones of the eye color flecks. When a person that possesses hazel eyes decides to chose makeup for the eyes, it ends up being dependent on what tone or fleck color that the person wishes to bring out. It may not be as simple as just the over all eye color. We can do our best to generalize based on hard and true makeup facts and experience, however a palette of colors and options is best to have on hand so as to enable you to experiment a bit. That way you can get the different looks you desire based on different moods you may experience.

So for most people with hazel eyes, a subtle brown or a soft green, when used with a golden colored liner, offers a nice look during the daylight times of day. It give much appreciated accentuation with out being so over done. This is a great look for the office. If you would want to have a deeper look, it is common to try a brown colored eye liner with golden flecks.

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During those moments when you wish to have a radiant appearance, bronze eye shadow, with a gold eye liner, or bronze eye liner will brighten up your eyes, and can also give the user a look of elegance. Then there is the night out of course. Hazel eyes at night often benefit from the deeper shades of purple, as such shade create a smoky look that leaves them guessing about you. Many people forget that cosmetics create mystery. I know many people that just love leaving others wondering what they might be about.

If you are a person that loves cosmetics, and loves the challenge of finding that look, having hazels eyes is a blessing to you. Unlike other people, you have so many variations of colors available to you, and you have the power to pull off so many looks, those who can not can only experience the envy. It is believed that the only shades a hazel eyed person can not work well with are the blue grey shades. And yet even those shades might be usable if offset by a liner or a mascara that makes the look happen.

If you wish to have a simple day, just go with the flesh tone shadows to make things easy. If you wish to be daring and creative, nearly the whole palette can be toyed with. Lastly i did notice aan idea regarding the use of caramel eye shadow. It seems to be that caramel works quite well if you have hazel eyes with green flecks.




Eye Shadow For Green Eyes.

As beautiful as green eyes are, they do present the owner with a few challenges. First of all, people with green eyes almost always exhibit undertones. These challenges can be made even more interesting if the owner of the green eyes is a red head. Yet as always there is nothing to fear. We embrace all of these difference and always thank nature for making sure that we are not all the same. That of course would be much too boring. Another thing about green eyes is they have a tendency to come out in different ways based on what clothing is being worn, and what type of accessories the owner may be using with their hair. We will take some time to touch on all of these fine points during this post, and offer the best information we have on how to choose eye shadow for your lovely green eyes, as well as what clothing goes best with what cosmetics.

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First it has been suggested that eye shadows in the shades of silver, gray, purple, and taupe, are the very best shades to exploit for a person with green eyes. Also noted is that black eye liners should basically be avoided. Black as an eye liner with lightly colored eyes, creates a look that is quite hard, and leaves the eyes looking bland.

When speaking of taupe, the gray undertones of this shade seem to be quite good for a person with green eyes, and offer more flattery to the eyes than a more simple, plain brown eye shadow ever could. Regarding shades of purple, this is where green eyed people are so lucky. Basically every shade of purple can be made to work with green eyes. As part of the color purple, there is the color red. Upon the color wheel it shows that red is the compliment to green, and so any color that has red in it, is going to work well, and make green eyes come out. The more gentle and softer green shades of eye shadow can also work well for green eyed people that display silver and gray undertones.

So lets touch on clothing and accessories for a moment. There are certain colors of head bands, scarfs, and tops that automatically bring out those beautiful green eyes. Purple colored items, light greens,bright greens, and light browns all help to bring out the look of green eyes. The same is said for hair clips, feathers, scarves and hair bows. Purple is an opposite of green on the color wheel, and is considered the very best color to show off those green eyes. The rule is to remain color coordinated at all times to have your green eyes come out, however as is always the case, experimentation is how we all locate exceptions to the rules. Have some fun, and let your green eyes glow.




Eye Shadow For Blue Eyes.

Another of the light shade of eyes that turn heads, are the blue eyes. People with blue eyes are always noticed for their eye color, and it’s always in a positive way. People with blue eyes are already noticed due to the uniqueness of their eye colors, however blue eyed people also wish to take advantage of cosmetics, and blue eyed people also need to pay attention to clothing color choices just as the green eyed people do.  Making the correct makeup decisions as well as wearing the correct colors of clothing, can really make blue eyes sparkle. As is the case with green eyes, the idea is to shade the blue eyes using colors that are the opposite of the eyes themselves. The opposite color for blue on the color wheel is orange. With orange being the shade, copper colored eye shadow becomes a major player in eye makeup. Copper and bronze, are both metallic colors that exude the color orange.

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If you are a makeup lover that enjoys taking a risk, you can actually experiment with orange colored makeup that has a metallic edge to it, or is has a shimmer to it. Dark orange that shimmers is actually quite interesting, and many people have made it work. With orange being close to red in color, it stands to reason that purple is a great eye shadow color for people with blue eyes. Every shade of purple is considered to be just fine for a blue eyed person to wear, but as always, some testing of your own will find the look that you are craving. Terra Cotta colored eye shadow has also been used with great success by blue eyed people, and if ever the blue eyed one desired a smoky, mysterious look, neutral colors of brown tone, are the colors to test.

If you are a person whose blue eyes become washed out easily, blending in some gray, or some pink, or some gold, might just add the color needed to bring your eyes back out. Adding a bit of pink will also add looks of friendliness to your eyes, and make people instantly feel good around you.

There is a trick or two for people with blue eyes, that can be used when a blue eyed person really wants to draw attention to their eyes. The use of concealer for the eyes and face, can draw big time attention directly to your eyes. The elimination of details surrounding the eyes, results in the eyes just popping out in blue glory. The other trick is to use a base coat on the face. This offers the user a more even tone, and thus draws attention to the more detailed eyes.

Always be willing to try new things, and new looks. That is how trends happen, right?






Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes.

I hope we never become fatigued by word opposite. It really is a critical term in the world of cosmetics. Contrast is what the story is all about. We do not have time, nor do we have the interest in going through a science lesson right now, but contrast, and it’s relationship to the color spectrum, give us the beauty facts that we are in such need of. Eye shadows are very much about contrast and the beauty that can be gained by shading with opposite colors. The colors of eye shadow that flatter brown eyes the most are the teal colors and the purples. Teal and purple contrast brown eyes the most, and are universally accepted colors for brown eyed people. It is true that shades of brown eye shadow can also work, but testing is needed based on how dark or how light your brown eyes are.

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When using brown eye shadows for brown eyes, it is a good idea to use taupe, or an eye shadow that is peachy or silvery. Eye shadows having too hard a brown to them, take away from the eyes, and drown things out. Using secondary colors at the lower lash area, such as teal, purple, or green, can help to avoid wash out. Try not to forget, eye makeup is not just about benefiting from the cosmetic itself, but it’s about drawing attention to the beauty that is your eyes already. That is why it is so important to work towards avoiding wash out. No matter how appealing a color may be to your senses when you are looking at it, if that color refuses to love you back when you apply it, it’s time to make a change.

One great thing about brown eye color, is that it opens up the door to all of the blue and silver eye shadows. Brown eyes look great with metallic blue, or the dullest blue out there. So many options exists with the blues and the silvers, as well as the purples, for brown eyed people. Just keep on mind, blue and silver shadow are intended for the eye lid. These can be quite poor color choices for below the eyes because they have a way of magnifying dark circles. We absolutely do not need that at all.

Other colors that brown eyed people can take advantage of are, rust, hazel, dark plum, and many with brown eyes fair well using soft shades of pink. Be sure to identify for yourself the other colors that reside with in your brown eyes. Many sets of brown eyes have green flecks, as well as golden flecks. Eye shadows with red in it can help bring out green flecked eyes. Earth toned eye shadows can assist in bringing out golden flecked eyes. If you have gold flecks in your brown eyes, go ahead and try warm colored metallic shadows. Metallic shadows do well to bring out golden flecks with in brown eyes.

Always be willing to experiment. Do it with a friend. That when it’s nothing but big laughs when a terrible error is made. Cheers.