Eye Shadow Types.

Eye shadow is usually necessary in ensuring a woman’s makeup kit is complete. A woman is always looking for every opportunity to be admired, respected and appreciated. Appearance and personality play an important role in giving a first impression. Although there is nothing that can be compared to natural beauty, a person can enhance her appearance with the assistance of eye shadow. Many women are not aware that there are different types of eye shadows. Each type of shadow serves a different purpose and will look different on your eye. When a woman goes shopping for an eye shadow and makes decisions just by the color, she may be disappointed when she tries it on for the first time. It would be worthwhile to be knowledgeable about the different types before making a purchase, especially since make up can get pretty pricey. Below are the four different types of eye shadows and their benefits.

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Matte has no shimmer or gloss in it, so if you’re getting a shadow simply for the color, get matte. It has a high concentration of color in it, so it stays on longer and you don’t need to put as much of it on as other types of shadow. Matte eye shadow is great to wear if you’re going for a natural look, and it’s also good when layering with other colors.


Frosted eye shadow means that there is going to be some shimmer and sparkle in the color, it is usually tinted with a white or silver finish, frosted shadow looks nice when applied on top of another color, just to give it a little sparkle, if you want to wear it by itself, you should use a primer first and then apply the frosted shadow on top. You can also use concealed for the same effect. Frosted shadow can be very light and pale, so this will help it stay on longer and you can see the color better.


This is somewhere in between Matte and Frosted. It has a little shimmer but not as much as frosted. Satin blends well but is also great just by itself with a little bit of black eye liner. You can also get more benefit from Satin shadow by first using a primer or concealed.


Shimmer eye shadow is similar to frosted but is less opaque and has more shimmer and shine in it. It is great when you want a dressier look, but probably better left home on a day in the office. It’s great by itself or on top of another shadow. If you have deep wrinkles around the eye area, you may want to stay away from Shimmer eye shadows all together, as the sparkles tend to fall throughout the day and settle in those creases.

If you want to get good quality eye shadow, it can be expensive if you’re a makeup fiend like me. Buying wholesale cosmetics can save you time and money, and make up always makes a great gift for any woman!